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What we do

Sussex Community Search Team members have been specially trained and vetted to systematically search for missing persons and associated property to the very high standards expected of police forces. When a high risk vulnerable person is reported missing an urgent search may be needed, but this could be at a time when available police resources are already heavily committed to other critical tasks.

Searching for a missing person takes a lot of effort. Sussex Community Search Team can provide, at short notice, up to 150 fully trained and experienced searchers, who the police can trust to conduct a speedy yet thorough search of areas allocated to them. Once tasked, we will carry out the required search and keep the police updated, interacting with their officers as appropriate, so that missing persons have the best possible chance of being located quickly. Finding the missing person quickly may be the key to their survival, and will provide enormous comfort and relief to their relatives and friends. Our dedicated volunteers enable the police to call upon a large force of very competent searchers to supplement their professional resources just when they are needed, at almost no cost to the community.